Thursday, June 30, 2011


I chose to go with ascots in the bathroom and matched the "lively" green in the shower curtains with my window fabric. Mini homes are all painted with the contractors primer paint, in a year the company comes back to crack-fill any possible cracks that occur the first year as the house is settling. I plan to paint this room an "Oatmeal" color once the year is up.

I'm getting there...

When I was ordering my mini home, I asked for this closet in my sewing room. I love all the shelves and as you can see, they are all in use. I also scrapbook, crochet and knit, so along with my quilting things it didn't take long to fill the closet. Thankfully for the Dollar Store, I bought many small totes to store things in.
I'm still unpacking and the only sewing I've done is toppers and I altered several draperies for the windows. I've got a large circle of lady friends, so when the weather is beautiful and when they call...I'm on the road, out to coffee or a long walk! I can unpack when the snow is a foot deep!
Some of my lady friends and myself have started the "17 Day Diet." Last week we were on the "Cabbage Soup Diet" to kick start out metabolism. It's great having support! I put on weight when I was on the steroids, now it's time to address the results of that!
I trust all my blog friends are having a wonderful summer...keep in touch. I will be back soon...after the unpacking!!